Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tips on How to Upgrade Android OS

Seeing this, you certainly feel disappointed because your smartphone can not you use to have an application that you want. And one way you have to do is to upgrade your OS to a newer version. How do I? You do not need to worry, because on this occasion I would like to share tips on how to upgrade the Android OS to a newer version. Immediately note the steps below.

How to Upgrade Android OS  
Sign on the Settings menu and then enter the About Phone, continue to select the System Update. Wait until the process is complete check the new OS, when the process has been completed will exit the command Up To Date. This indicates that you have successfully upgraded your Android OS to a newer version.  

But if it does not come out, you definitely are faced with the install command, if the install process has been completed, it will take place with the download, wait for it to finish.  

If completed, it will automatically reboot your smartphone by itself, and will switch itself already with the latest OS version.  

Note: that you must pay attention to, before performing the above steps you should first backup all your personal data is considered to be essential to a PC or laptop could also. And make sure before, the condition of your battery in a state of full and normal. Provide microSD who still have the capacity that is still loose, which fit to place the downloaded file upgrade later.

Good luck and good luck. Do not forget to share this article how to upgrade the Android OS on your brother or sahbat which currently requires. Thank you.

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